People in The Great Hall at Goodenough Hotel

Goodenough College

Take an opportunity to visit the College

The Hotel is owned by Goodenough College, an educational charity with an enviable estate, giving the Hotel's guests an opportunity to take advantage of a number of the facilities and services the College has to offer. The College's main buildings are just a couple of minutes walk away from the Hotel.   


Bloomsbury family at The Goodenough Hotel in London

The street in which the Hotel is situated was once home to a number of members of the famous ‘Bloomsbury Group’, including Virginia Woolf, as well as numerous other well-known authors, academics and adventurers. 

The neighbourhood has a reputation as the literary capital of London; Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens lived in Bloomsbury at one point or another during the 19th and 20th centuries 

Charles Dickens Museum near The Goodenough Hotel in London